Of Daggers and Dreams - Season One: Sharn

Episode 11: Hearth and Home

In which things get a little rocky.

Brasshead goes to the university with Hanamelk in his head, looking for leads on the Orb. The party decides to follow Hardans’ map, which leads them to Malleon’s gate. There is a quippy encounter with some Ogres, and you enter the superbly grotesque Scarlet Leer (which I am immensely proud of as a set piece). They find their way to The Hall of Stone; many statues, the whole sneaking around bit, and Basilisk a ambush. Battle, followed by the petrification of Galair. Crafty immobilization, discover the library, mandatory training sequence…pet Basilisk. Great. They proceed south, accompanied by whispers, and meet Cavallah the Ogre Mage and her plans. She knows who they are, that they owe her, and so Galair swears a binding oath. The party is now working for Daask. Won’t Brasshead just be tickled pink…


Vitaeleous Vitaeleous

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