Tabitha Archdotus

Tabitha Archdotus is a half-elven Druid who was imparted her primal powers and the dragon mark of detection when her home in the Eldeen reaches is destroyed by the forces of chaos and she is forced to run for her life.


hp 59 Equiptment: Claw Gloves, Bloodclaw Drow Long Knife +2
spd 7 Chaos Shard Implement
init +6

score mod
10 Str +0
12 Con +1
14 Dex +2
14 Int +2
19 Wis +4
11 Cha +0

19 AC
15 Fort
17 Ref
19 Will

Passive Insight: 25 Passive perception: 23


Now Tabitha has arrived in Sharn after fleeing her home. In order to survive she takes the form of a primal bear with the primal forces of the forest. The year is 998, Tabitha is on her way to Sharn in order to find out about the Kyber Shards existing in Khorvaire which she suspects are somehow responsible for the destruction of her forest home. In order to do this she is seeking the council of a Druid circle.

Tabitha Archdotus

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