A tall, quiet, white skinned Deva who rarely smiles


Physical Description: Galair stands just over 6’3” and is of typical build for a deva- slightly thinner than an average human of the same height. His skin is white, while his hair and racial tattoos are completely black. He wears his hair in a severe topknot and his tattoos, while mostly hidden on his chest and back, reach up around his neck, jaw and temples in a complicated knotwork pattern. He wears clean, long white robes trimmed with knotwork similar to that of his tattoo-markings. Over them he wears his Cloak of Distortion, a diaphanous grey cloak that makes his shape blur when seen at a distance.

As a Deva, Galair has lived numerous lives, being a perpetually reincarnating mortal since the historic fall of the Deva from the Astral Plane. While he keeps the same general personality and outlook, this is drastically influenced by the first few years after reincarnation, causing the variance in how his lives are lived.

When Galair awoke in his current incarnation, in the wilds of Karnath, he was content to wander for a time, through the Ironroot mountains and surround areas. However, at one point he passed through a small village and as soon as a woman saw him, she recoil with horror, alerting the village and almost getting Galair killed. He managed to calm the woman down and she told him why she had reacted in the way that she had: In his life just before this, Galair was a Swordsmage, and the leader of a band of evil reavers, the Black Hands. As “Galair the Bloody Fist” is raiders had killed almost everyone from the woman’s original village and razed it to the ground.

Working from the woman’s knowledge, Galair traveled to Skairn in the Lhazar Principalities, the closest population center to the archipelago the Black Hands run out of. Avoiding several near scrapes in his travels, as Galair was still new to the world once more, he arrived and finally managed to learn more. He learned that he had been killed by Deneith blademarks during a raid on an airship the blademarks were contracted to guard.

Despite their leader’s demise, The Black Hands still existed to this day, lead by Lucan Thornarrow- an elven ranger who, in the depths of his nightmares Galair occasionally saw standing at his own side. Galair was enraged and disgusted by his own actions, and vowed that he would set things right. At the present however, he knew he was far too weak to combat his monstrous creation.

So Galair traveled south and west, into the more civilized part of Khorvaire. For a time, he traveled with a Shardmind who went by the name of Karrok. The two became fast friends, having a shared experience in their immortality, albeit of drastically different kinds. Finally, after months of travel, Karrok divulged a secret: He had known Galair previously, near the time that Galair must have taken up the mantle of “The Bloody Fist” and formed the Black Hands. Karrok refused to divulge further information and insisted to Galair that even in his previous life, he had known some form of virtue. The two parted ways in the city of Passage, when Karrok, a formidable Battlemind, was contracted to Captain the guards of a local noble house.

Eventually, during his travels, Galair met Immaeril Sohvhani, an eladrin arcanist in need of an apprentice. The two traveled back to Sovhani’s home in the backwaters of the Greywall Mountains in Droaam, where humanoids such as the Deva and Eladrin were the mistreated minority underneath the “monstrous” humanoids.

For several years, Galair was the dutiful apprentice, though Sovhani never fully approved of his plan for revenge. Galair, remembering more and more of the arcane arts he practiced in former lives with each day, progressed through his apprenticeship with speed that alarmed his patient, peaceful eladrin master. Never fully able to reconcile their differences, Galair left one day when he heard rumors that members of the Black Hands, including Lucan Thornarrow himself, had been sighted in the area around Sharn, the City of Towers…


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