Brasshead - 'The Golden Boy of Cyre'


Solid mechanized body (see attached picture) with a brass coloured head and plates. His given name at creation was Cyrus. However, after an unfortunate accidental encounter with one of the many supernatural horrors in Mournland while on watch, the metal plating on his head had turned into a bright polished brass colour. From then on, he had gone by the name Brasshead. (Potential plot hook: Nobody knows what caused the colour change in his head – perhaps it’s now a rare supernatural metal?) Because he was unable to remove the colouring, he had opted to colour other parts of his body brass as well.
Despite the many near death experiences, Brasshead carries himself as a humble but confident man, and although not always the most tactful, is a gentleman and scholar at heart.

“Soldier, Gentleman, Protector – nothing can be closer to the truth.” – unanimously agreed upon opinion of Brasshead.


Always happy and a grand pleasure to be around, Brasshead has built his reputation around being the strong and generous, often (foolishly) giving away all he has earned (What? He doesn’t need to eat and can sleep outside.)
He enjoys to party with the townsfolk, making friends everywhere he goes – and though he rarely has enough coin even for a drink, that never seems to be an issue since everyone insists on treating him.
Brasshead truly understand the meaning of duty, having served his country in both great wars as well as several smaller civil wars. He has seen and known combat all his life, and evidently carries the weight of the world upon his shoulders… And yet, he walks gracefully, smiling every waking moment as if he had not a care in the world.
Soldier, Gentleman, Protector – nothing can be closer to the truth.

He does, unbeknownst to all who encounter him (save a few close friends from the Thousand Yard Watch and military), harbour a dark secret… he was the gem creation of a Cyre inventor and magician before war had wreaked havoc on his motherland. When it became the primary battleground for much of the Last War, he fought alongside his countrymen to defend their way of life from severe collateral damage. Ironically (hah hah), conscription had ultimately saved his life as he was away training with the Imperial army when the Day of Mourning had claimed the lives of his beloved country. It is precisely this reason that he volunteered to venture deep into the Mournlands as part of the Thousand Yard Watch that patrolled the periphery of the smoking crater, to prevent anything like this from happening to Thrane and Brelish. He had developed a close relationship with Channara d’Medani, leader of the Thousand Yard Stare, and often shared drinks and stories of unbelievable experiences. He left the Thousand Yard Stare, however, to pursue an even greater goal – to find out what – or WHO – exactly is behind the destruction of Cyre.


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