Of Daggers and Dreams - Season One: Sharn

Episode 9: Back in the World, Part I

There's a ritual for that.

In which a LOT happens. The party has killed Velan and kept his corpse. They find an inn, go shopping, buy stuff, and try to do some banking. They visit the Wayfinder’s Foundation where an obnoxious secretary fills them in on the quest for the Orb of Merrix, which sounds awfully familiar. Then it is evening. Galair heads to the skydocks to see what he can see, and falls in with a young Lyrandar ensign on shore leave. They head Downstairs for drinks and wind up at the Charred Boar where Galair learns that this airship has been chartered privately by Deneith and the crew sent home for a bit. Interesting. Brasshead is keeping watch at the inn, but feeling drowsy, which is concerning. There is a letter for him in the morning, a summons from Saidan. They return to Boromar, who is pissed that they went missing, and so has his best fence. Hmm.

The order of events here is damnably fuzzy. At some point there is a visit paid to the temple district by the Druid, The Dwarf, and Manekatari. She manages to gain information on the whereabouts of a Kalashtar enclave. There she must make a choice about the path she is going to walk: Path of Light, or forest trails. Galair has a very intimate conversation with Hanamelk, and there is much backstory revelation, just after the scholar has revealed the Orb for what it is (NOT the orb of Merrix, but perhaps a derivative implement) and warned Tabitha about the Deva. Brasshead and Oryx beat the shit out of each other in the cafeteria.

And then they leave the Gathering Light and return to The Oaken Boar. They need to talk to Velan and they call in a favour from Sharlan. They visit Vundry’s shop; the pixie has a close encounter with a blunderbuss. They go looking for Zanne, find him missing, reanimate the artificer’s body in the abandoned warehouse and bring back a Quori by mistake. There is a battle of wits, and it is revealed that this particular Quori killed Galair once upon a time. Then they go looking for Chance, but he is missing too…and then they are attacked by a bunch of Changeling assassins in a bar. Sons of bitches.


Vitaeleous Vitaeleous

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