A bustling metropolis. A cesspit of crime and corruption. A stronghold of unrivaled economic power. A bubbling stew of the most sour and savoury cultures that Khorvaire has to offer. This is The City of Towers; dangerous and beautiful from the needle-tipped spires of the Skyway to the soul-chilling cold of its deepest necropolis and the sulfuric, grinding stench of The Cogs. In this city, every word is a trap. Every coin that changes hands is somebody’s blood money, and every smile hides a dagger. The pubs are filled with mercenaries and finger men sitting hunched over the bar, eyed warily by the grifter in the corner booths and the cutpurse in her low-cut bodice smiling coyly from her perch beside the stairs. A bard strikes up a chord just inside the door; whether he outlives the silver thrown him by that passing debutante…well, that remains to be seen.

Welcome to The City of Towers.

Of Daggers and Dreams - Season One: Sharn

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