Sharn - The City of Towers


Sharn and It’s Environs

Sharn isn’t just the cultural center of Khorvaire, it’s also the economic one—at least as far as its citizens are concerned. “If it can be bought, it can be bought here” is a common saying among the city’s markets. Goods and services are available in Sharn from across the continent and even occasionally from across the seas. It’s an open secret that not all these goods and services are legal, despite the best efforts of the Sharn Watch.

Travel across Sharn, and between its various levels, occurs using massive lifts and, for the wealthy, skycoaches held aloft by magic or pulled by beasts such as hippogriffs. Order is maintained, as much as possible, by the Watch, and the city is ruled by a city council, the Lord Mayor, and a vast governmental bureaucracy.
People of Sharn

Humans form the greater part of Sharn’s population, but every other major race of Khorvaire can be found in Sharn, and even the rarer peoples constitute a sizable number of the city’s residents.

That same variety appears in the religious practices of Sharn’s citizenry. Although the Sovereign Host and the Silver Flame have the most followers here, the Blood of Vol, the Dark Six, and even more obscure faiths—such as the various druidic beliefs and the Path of Light—appear with regularity. Cults of the Dragon Below exist in Sharn as well, but even here, they must maintain secrecy.
(Excerpt from Eberron Campaign Guide, pp. 126-127)

Quarters and Wards
Upper Wards
Upper Central Plateau
Highest Towers (civic district)
Korranath (finance district)
Korran-Thiven (finance district)
Mithral Tower (wealthy residential district)
Platinum Heights (fine shops)
Skysedge Park (park district)
Upper Dura
Clifftop (adventurer’s district)
Daggerwatch (garrison)
Highhold (dwarf neighborhood)
Highwater (average residential district)
Hope’s Peak (temple district)
Overlook (apartment townhomes)
Redstone (shops)
Upper Menthis Plateau
Ivy Towers (average residential district)
Morgrave University (university district)
Platinate (wealthy residential district)
Seventh Tower (fine shops)
Upper Northedge
Shae Lias (elf neighborhood)
Crystal Bridge (wealthy residential district)
Oak Towers (wealthy residential district)
Upper Tavick’s Landing
Copper Arch (professional district)
Dalan’s Refuge (wealthy residential district)
Ocean View (wealthy residential district)
Pinnacle (temple district)
Silvergate (fine shops)
Sunrise (average residential district)
Twelve Pillars (professional district)
Middle Wards
Middle Central Plateau
Ambassador Towers (embassy district)
Dava Gate (profesional district)
Dragon Towers (guildhall district)
Sovereign Towers (temple district)
Sword Point (garrison)
Tradefair (marketplace)
Middle Dura
The Bazaar (marketplace and shops)
Broken Arch (average residential district)
Hareth’s Folly (tavern district)
Rattlestone (apartment townhomes)
Stormhold (average residential district)
Tumbledown (tenement district)
Underlook (inn district)
Middle Menthis Plateau
Cassan Bridge (shops)
Everbright (magic district)
Little Plains (halfling encampment)
Smoky Towers (theater district)
Warden Towers (garrison)
Middle Northedge
Holdfast (dwarf neighborhood)
High Hope (temple district)
Oakbridge (average residential district)
Middle Tavick’s Landing
Cornerstone (tavern district)
Dancing Shadows (inn district)
Deathsgate (adventurer’s quarter)
Graywall (average residential district)
Kenton (apartment townhomes)
Little Barrington (average residential district)
Tavick’s Market (marketplace)

Lower Wards Lower Central Plateau Boldrei’s Hearth (inn district) Granite Halls (shops) Myshan Gardens (average residential district) North Towers (shops) Olladra’s Kitchen (tavern district) Vallia Towers (average residential district) Lower Dura Callestan (inn district) Fallen (slum) Gate of Gold (tenement district) Malleon’s Gate (goblin slum) Oldkeep (apartment townhomes) Precarious (warehouse districts) The Stores (warehouse districts) Lower Menthis Plateau Center Bridge (average residential district) Downstairs (tavern district) Firelight (red light district) Forgelight Towers (average residential district) Torchfire (theater district) Cliffside Grayflood (waterfront district) Ship’s Towers (waterfront district) Mud Caves (shantytown) Sharn’s Welcome (red light district) Lower Northedge North Market (marketplace) Stoneyard (apartment townhomes) Longstairs (apartment townhomes) Lower Tavick’s Landing Black Arch (garrison) Cogsgate (warehouse district) Dragonseyes (red light district) Foundation (apartment townhomes) High Walls (refugee slum) Terminus (caravan district) Wroann’s Gate (caravan district) Skyway Azure (wealthy residential district and shops) Brilliant (wealthy residential district and shops) The Cogs Upper Cogs Ashblack (industry district) Blackbones (industry district) Khyber’s Gate (poor residential district and shops) City of the Dead Dragon Crypts (necropolis) Halden’s Tomb (necropolis)

Sharn - The City of Towers

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