The Orb


+2 Chaos Shard Implement (Orb)


Wielded by the Inspired artificer Velan, this mysterious device has twice been used to render Brasshead unconscious, an effect he should not be vulnerable to. Our beloved Warforged is immensely troubled by this, but that is not all. Having captured The Orb (pulling it from Velan’s corpse in the Forge Chamber), the party has been able to ascertain the presence of a Khyber Shard within it. Tabitha wants to know more about it; it was Khyber magic that wreaked devastation upon her homeland, and the same magic brought the tunnel down around their ears when Brasshead was kidnapped. This orb holds many secrets; the party would dearly like to unlock them.

In the enclave of The Gathering Light the scholar Hanamelk begins to answer their questions. The orb has been imbued with great psychic power, but its core is a Khyber Shard, elemental magic. This is no ancient artifact; this orb is new, recently forged by an artificer of some skill, but an object like this exists in legend. It is rumoured that such an implement, though one of far greater power, was owned by Merrix D’Cannith at the dawn of the Warforged. It may have been this orb that gave Merrix the power to create the first Warforged soldiers…maybe. All is lost to the mists of legend. Nobody knows where The Orb of Merrix is, or even if it truly existed, but that isn’t stopping everyone from looking for it. The Wayfinder’s Foundation, Morgrave University, and House Tharashk are all seeking the same prize. Though very few know where to begin looking…

Cavallah knows. The ogre mage at the head of Daask suspects the ruins of Shae Tirias Tolai, the lost Feyspire of Xen’Drik, of housing at least a clue to the Orb’s whereabouts, if not the prize itself. It is rumoured that the magic that brings a Warforged to life is something held over from The Age of Giants, and the Lost Continent holds many of their secrets still within its depths. If you hope to truly unlock the mystery of The Orb of Merrix, your path will take deep into lands that few have walked…and fewer have returned from.

The Orb

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