How do you fight a foe made of dreams?


His name was Velan, though those around him called him simply “The Alchemist”. You encountered him first in a jail cell in the Sharn citadel, but the bloody and haggard figure in the corner meant nothing to you at the time. He appeared again in a tunnel just beyond the Ashblack Cogs, raising an orb to bring tons of stone crashing down between your party and the suddenly unconscious Brasshead. After days of fierce skirmishes and dimly lit wanderings beneath the city you found yourselves in a shrine to The Traveler…and he was there as well. Enigmatic and haunting, a tall figure in a black cloak against which his mechanical left arm gleamed dully in the sooty light of Undersharn. He was accompanied by the soft skitter of a golden clockwork scorpion that lives on his shoulders, beady eyes that watch everything and anything that moves around them. He locked you in the dark and left you for dead.

And then you met him again, through no fault but your own; in the depths of the Cannith Forgehold, the seemingly sole defender of the long-rumoured creation forge. He put up quite a battle, but your combined strength was too much and he fell. He was not, as you assumed, a Man. He was an Inspired, one of that fell race of Riedra. That in itself raises many questions.

You took the body with you, for questioning. in an abandoned warehouse in Cogsgate you attempted to bring back his spirit…and got a Quori instead. That was harrowing. In the course of the questioning it is revealed that this spirit is, indeed, an older foe than any of you knew. The next time you meet him you are high above the city and he has taken yet another body, this time disguised as a member of House Deneith. The corpse of a dear friend lies in a pool of blood at his feet. He slips your grasp, and when you will see him again you do not know…but you will see him again.


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