Sharlyn Boromar

I swear, if you shit yourself one more time, I'm calling you "Shartlyn".


What do you do with the whiny coward of a teenage Halfling in the corner cell when you’ve just been handed a get-out-of-jail-free card and you’ve got about a minute until the guards show up? Take him into the sewers with you. Clearly. Turns out the mouthy spineless brat cowering in his cell was the son of Sharn’s most powerful crime-lord, and while he hasn’t exactly got his father’s stones he could guarantee you a healthy reward for breaking him out and getting him home. So, why not? After all, you get the sense that the discipline for his reckless actions that he’ll get from his father will sink in a helluva lot deeper than anything the Citadel Guards can teach him. Welcome home, kid. Stay out of trouble…and we’ll meet again.


Sharlyn Boromar

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