A captain of Daask, who learned the hard way to never trust a Dwarf


Your friendship with this Orc raider was anything but expected, and reasonably short-lived. A couple of solid Diplomacy checks and an offering of oatmeal Stout secured his friendship, and he agreed to lead you to an enigmatic Her, sending his scouts off ahead to bear tiding of your arrival. Your travels together were rudely interrupted by a young Red Dragon, and a fearsome skirmish ensued. Sharku and his hardy boar backed you stolidly through the battle, showing themselves a force to be reckoned with and fearlessly standing between your party and danger. The battle concluded, he turned to ensure that all had survived, and was promptly struck down by Oryx. Classic overkill-backstab. The party was outraged, all trust thrown out the window for the time being. When tempers cooled the body of the Orc was searched, and yeilded a map, which did prove useful in the travels to come. Daask is presumably still awaiting your arrival. Your next encounter with them will likely be less than amiable.

The moral of this story: never trust a homemade oatmeal Stout.


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