Saidan Boromar

Halfing crime-lord of Sharn, and your unexpected friend


If there were a Godfather in Sharn, it would be Saidan Boromar. Considered one of the Sixty Families of Sharn’s royalty, the Boromar Clan is both a legitimate element of Sharn society and the most powerful criminal organization in Breland. Boromar Clan holdings control nearly all of the import and smuggling operations in Sharn. Currently at war with the Droaamite guerrilla organization known as Daask, the Boromars’ holdings and members throughout the city are under constant threat of attack, and any ally willing to stick their neck out for the Clan is a welcome friend. Having just returned Saidan’s son from the unforgiving grip of the Citadel Guard, your party has the favour of the Boromar Clan, a powerful friendship indeed. The question now stands: what will you do with such a friendship? And when the chips are down, where will your allegiance lie?


Saidan Boromar

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