Your guide and defender, but a captain of the Cannith guard...Friend or Foe?


This curt and audacious soldier of Cannith stepped into your lives in the cogs, under the sign of The red Hammer. Faithfully accompanied by Rusty, her warforged Doberman, she convinced you to follow her through Ashblack to a place where you were going anyway, the drop point for the package that Zanne left in your care. She stood firmly beside you in the battle at Heartbreak Bridge, and parted ways with you at the other end. Aaannndd then you disregarded her advice on safe paths and took a road of your own choosing.

Many miles later, in flight from the Cannith Forgehold, your paths crossed again. You were fugitives, prisoners, terrorists in the fortress she swore to protect…and she let you go. Ignored you even. She took her slice of ham and loaf of pumpernickel from the dining table and turned and walked away. You could have cut her down; after all, she was leading you to imprisonment and death. But you turned and let her be, and went your separate ways. And so the question stands: is Jacquelyn of Cannith friend, or foe, and if you meet again…where will her allegiance lie?


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