An old, cannith-made warforged cobra, now owned by the wizard Galair.


Circe is a heavy steel cobra made long ago in the workshop of a powerful cannith artificer to act as his homonculus. Upon the artificer’s death, Circe was entombed with him in a crypt deep beneath Sharn, where she rested for many years, guarding the body of her master.

When the tomb was opened by the wizard Galair, at first the warforged beast attacked to guard her master’s tomb, but, when Galair donned the old artificer’s serpent-hooded robe and spoke a command to the snake, Circe recognized a new master.

She spends most of their adventures coiled around Galair’s shoulders, ready to protect her Deva master from harm. However, should Galair dictate, Circe can attack on her own, spreading her psychotropic poison at his will.


Of Daggers and Dreams - Season One: Sharn Vitaeleous Adrayll