Silvery, burning eyes, a quick smile, and uncanny skill with dice...what could go wrong?


Sitting in the corner booths wreathed in the tobacco smoke and other fumes of his chosen environ, the indigo-haired Tiefling known as Chance sees and hears a lot. He knows where the money is in this part of the city, knows who’s winning, losing, and paying, in large because almost all of them owe him something. He cuts a enigmatic figure in the taverns of Sharns Lower Wards: a shark in the casinos and gambling halls who has never, to anyone’s memory, lost a game of dice. And as you’ve recently discovered in the bar-room of The Charred Boar, he’s also a grifter of incorrigible temperament. Never one to let a full purse walk past without stopping to visit, he works over unsuspecting clients with the aid of any of the gaggle of Halfling street urchins roaming The Downstairs tavern district. So, watch yourself, keep a hand on your changepurse, and be sure that those silvery eyes are seeing every move you make…plus some.



Of Daggers and Dreams - Season One: Sharn Vitaeleous Vitaeleous