Of Daggers and Dreams - Season One: Sharn

Episode 6: Travelers in the Shadows

There's a light at the end of this tunnel...

In which a dragon has been slain, and the party must go ONWARDS!! . But first, they loot the room. They find the staircase upward, to where they do not know. The party opts to follow the secret tunnel through the back of the library, which bypasses the caved in North Tunnel. Then they turn left into the sewers, which take them down and down and down and…into the goblin city. Eventually they give up on the city, try a new sewer to no avail. And then the wolf rolls in the mud. Oops . Battle with the mud monsters , and a flight up the tunnel…to find themselves back in the ass end of the Dragon’s lair with the leftovers of a Halfling explorer. Dammit. Eventually they head back into the sewers, and find their way to the wet road, The Traveler’s shrine…and have a vision. All of them. Except the Dwarf. He gets ambushed.


Vitaeleous Vitaeleous

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