Of Daggers and Dreams - Season One: Sharn

Episode 10: Back in the World, Part II

All you really need in this world is a Dragonmark and a lot of bullshit.

In which some sleuthing shows that the Changeling assassins were hanging out at the docks. The party goes there, but to no avail. Time is short, they have a flight to catch. They start walking, while the druid scouts ahead and discovers that Hanamelk is a hostage of Velan on the skydocks. There is some swashing, some buckling, and rather a lot of falling off of towers. Hanamelk dies and takes up residence in Brasshead’s mind. Velan is dispossessed. The King’s Citadel shows up, and an elaborate bluff is played in which Tabitha reveals her Dragonmark and Brasshead name-drops to get them out of trouble. Or into deeper shit…
They head back to the Inn, and make a new contact: Hardan, a House Tharashk treasure hunter looking for the orb. He gives them a map to get them started and makes them a wager. They grab some breakfast and head upstairs to sleep.


Vitaeleous Vitaeleous

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